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Best in Freeze Drying                                                                        Halle             Stand

                                                                                            3.0             D80

 Easy Scale-Up    PHARMA LINE – FREEZE DRYING SYSTEMS                                       MARTIN CHRIST GEFRIER-
                                                                                            TROCKNUNGSANLAGEN GMBH

                 Martin Christ is a leading manufacturer of   Our production freeze drying systems can   An der Unteren Söse 50
                 freeze drying systems world-wide and offers   also be supplied with automatic loading   37520 Osterode am Harz
                 an entire program of laboratory, pilot and   and unloading systems. The innovative   Tel. +49 55 22 50 07-0
                                                                                            Fax +49 55 22 50 07-12
                 production  plants  for  all  applications.  The     LyoShuttle technology by Martin Christ   E-Mail:
                 units comply to international regulations     avoids moving parts above the vials, is space
                 like  EMEA, FDA (e.g.  CFR 210  or 21 p.11),   saving and works wireless without cables or
                 GAMP  5 and  cGMP.                chains (photo).

                 We support you all the way from the first la-  Our know-how in engineering, manufactur-
                 boratory trials through the demanding task   ing, and servicing of freeze dryers since de-
                 of process development to the high-quality   cades means we can offer individual applica-
 Production      production of your valuable products. With   tion driven solutions to customer demands.
                 our easy scale-up and tech transfer you
                                                   This includes a wide variety of design fea-
 Freeze Dryer    can react flexible to your product volume   tures and integrated PAT-Tools as   Martin Christ Freeze Dryers is a
 Pilot             without changing routines or recipes and   •  controlled nucleation LyoCoN,  world leader in the development
                                                                                            and manufacturing of freeze dryers,
                 without learning a new control philosophy.
                                                   •  specific refrigeration (e.g. LN2-technology),
 Freeze Dryer                                      •  intuitive control systems LPCplus,    with over 75 years of experience.
                                                   •  camera system LyoCam,                 We stand for utmost customer satis-
                                                   •  manometric temperature measurement    faction everywhere in the world. We
                                                     MTMplus and                            develop and manufacture our prod-
                                                   •  wireless product temperature WTMplus.  ucts in accordance with the most
                                                                                            stringent quality requirements to
                                                   All units from Christ fulfil highest standards   provide superior customer benefits.
                                                   on materials used and functional safety and   Our corporate strategy is focussed
                                                   can be extended for future.              on your applications.
     Easy scale-up and tech transfer       Ice condenser capacities from 20 kg to 500 kg or   We constantly secure our position
     Long time experience, expertise and innovation   more, shelf area ranges from 1 m² to over 40 m²  as an international leader by means
 for your pharmaceutical production      Integrated PAT-Tools                               of technological innovations in
     Support from the first laboratory trials, process       LyoShuttle: Innovative loading and unloading   freeze drying.
 development to high-quality production of your   system for product manufacturing
 valuable products      GMP, CIP, SIP, FIT
     System integration with modular components                     Pharma-Messeguide         |  11
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