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    Originaltitel: Melt-blended protein composition Stichwörter: Schmelzextrudate, Proteinstabilität, elektrophile Stabilisatoren, Proteinfilme, Ölverkapselung Zusammenfassung: A melt-processed protein composition formed from a protein, plasticizer, and an electrophilic reagent is provided. The electrophilic reagent, for instance, may be selected to undergo a nucleophilic addition reaction with free sulfhydryl and/or thiyl radicals to help minimize the formation of disulfide crosslinking bonds that could otherwise lead to protein aggregation during melt processing. To enhance the degree to which the electrophilic reagent can limit crosslinking, a plasticizer is also employed that helps to mediate the adsorption of the electrophilic reagent into the internal structure of the ...